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'My pointe' dvd/cd by vicki attard, former
principal artiste of the australian ballet

‘My Pointe’ DVD/CD is a unique program specifically designed by
Vicki Attard to increase sensitivity, develop control, heighten awareness and awaken new muscles.  Vicki has developed this challenging 75
minute program to meet the needs of students and teachers requiring supplementary pointe work.  The program is multi layered to adapt to
the beginner on pointe right through to the full time dance student. 

The program encompasses a long series of barre exercises, with detailed introductions, slow motion demonstrations and meticulous explanations by Vicki. The centre exercises progress to pirouettes, hops on pointe
and turns en diagonale. ‘My Pointe’ includes an audio CD to encourage practice at the correct tempo, an integral feature of the program.
This remarkable and distinctive program has the ability to adjust to the dancer’s existing capacity, and develop with their progression.

This is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE for all dancers on pointe!!