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    “Hello Vicki,

I purchased your My Pointe dvd/cd at the beginning of this year and have been using it all year. I thought you might be interested in some feedback.

We have used your work for 1 hour a week all year and both I and the students can notice the improvement in pointe technique. We spend most of the lesson on the barre exercises and to date have only done about half of the barre. Two of our RAD Advanced 1 students have joined this class in the last few weeks and they are also loving it. Obviously it is more achievable for them but they both say they are working harder than ever.

Over the last term I have started using this work on our students who have just passed RAD Inter Foundation. These younger dancers are loving the challenge and are progressing a lot.

I am really looking forward to continuing with the work next year and spending some time on the centre exercises. I have never got so much value out of an instructional dvd/cd.

Some of the comments from the kids over the year have been.....

"This is the class where I sweat the most and we don't even get off the barre!"

"Here we go again. We're entering 'Sherylyn's torture chamber' "(said with a big smile!)

One of the teachers from my school keeps asking me what I'm doing to the kids to make their pointe work improve so much in a year.

Anyway, thank you very much for making such a valuable teaching tool.”


    Dear Vicki,

You are so beautiful and the true picture of a ballerina.
I thank you for your time and passion toward this wonderful legacy that you will leave students.”

                                                               Warm wishes,




    “Hi Vicki,

I have been teaching your pointe programme since term four last year and within one term all my advanced students had improved so much they could dance a whole piece on pointe for the performance. I am now teaching bits of it to my younger students and once a week all intermediate students and above do your programme. The students cringe when I pull out the CD but they all know how they benefit from it.

I'd be very interested in your next endeavour.”


    “Hi Vicki,

I would like to first of all thank you for your words of kindness when first sending me your Point Program DVD. Your personal touch is very thoughtful.

I have been using your exercises religiously to train my first year point students, and I’m very impressed with the results I’m seeing. I also feel so much more confident as a teacher relying on your expertise.”

                                                               Thank you again

    Dear Vicki,

I have just received the DVD in the mail. Thank you very much for signing it. The DVD is presented in a lovely way. I am sure my daughter will gain great benefit from watching/ listening. Her ballet teacher is encouraging her to follow your teaching.”

                                                               Kind regards